English & Chris - Anniversary Session

Every now and then you come across some really cool people who just happen to orbit a path that occasionally crosses yours. At least you think they seem cool, but you don't know them that well. Rarely your paths come crashing together and you get to do a shoot with them and create with them, and they trust you, like really trust you, and hey, they're even willing to jump some fences and maybe do a little trespassing, and through all those crashes and explosions you find out yes, they are just as cool as you thought. That's how it went with English and Chris. We wanted to celebrate their marriage by making some images, and these two killed it. I love working with a couple who has been together so many years. They are comfortable with each other and with who they are, and these two are unique, beautiful, genuine people. English and Chris, thanks for creating with me, and for being willing to adventure.