Caroline & Rick's Wedding

First wedding of the year is finally on the blog! And man, is it a good one. If this cast of characters looks a little familiar to you, it's because I shot Caroline's sister's wedding (Anna & Kyle) back in November. That's right, their parents had two daughters get married in the span of six months. It really is all in the family with these wonderful people. Caroline wore her mother's wedding dress, her older sister's daughters were her flower girls (they were hilarious and adorable, a hard combination for any future flower girls to live up to), and both of her sisters and Rick's sister were by her side as bridesmaids. I loved to see how both of their families were so involved, in a loving and supportive way, to help celebrate the couple. Caroline and Rick are just perfect for each other. You can see how comfortable she is with him, and Rick is so attentive and kind to Caroline. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed shooting their wedding. When we were shooting their engagement session we had a great conversation about how marriage is really scary, but so worth it when both people are willing to fight to make it work. I have full faith in these two. Congrats Caroline & Rick!