Hi, I'm Katherine. When people ask me why I became a photographer I say, "I had no choice in the matter." I've been a visual person all my life. I used to steal my parents magazines and hide them up in my room, then cut out my favorite photos and fonts and glue them down in a book, a collection I kept for myself. In high school I had a friend who took amazing photos of me and my friends. I remember looking at them and thinking, "these are different than just the average facebook photo. We look important. We look like our real selves, but extraordinary." Once I made that connection, that he was showing us how we really looked, that he made life look interesting and beautiful and extraordinary, I was hooked. I had to do it myself. Because I could see glimpses of what he was seeing, glimpses of glory I guess, and I wanted terribly to share that with the people I knew.

I love photography because it allows me to show people a different view. I think we don't see ourselves or our world clearly all the time. There's a lot of beauty in our lives that goes unnoticed because we are so hurried. But with a camera in my hands I can show people what is really there - brutal, beautiful, honest, heartbreakingly stunning life. 

I love to tell stories with my work. I love to capture real human expression with my camera. I love the honor of getting to know the people with whom I work, whether that's stylists behind the scenes, artists in front of my camera, or two people madly in love. I love the thrill of creating something beautiful from the dust of our life here. If you trust me enough, we can create something beautiful together.

My husband Andrew and I on our wedding day. Photo by  Emily Chidester

My husband Andrew and I on our wedding day. Photo by Emily Chidester

Timberwolf & I - Tim is a malamute and he’s about 110 pounds

Timberwolf & I - Tim is a malamute and he’s about 110 pounds


Some other facts about me:

That's my husband in the black and white photo, Andrew, he is the other half of my heart. You cannot know me without knowing him, so I figured I would introduce us both. 

I have two dogs named Tomahawk and Timberwolf, they go on all the adventures with me. They have their own instagram account and might be more interesting than I am (@thedaltonwolfpack).

My younger brother is my best friend. He was the man of honor in my wedding. I tell people that he is the better version of myself, which is true.

I love Jay-Z and Beyonce and may have teared up when I saw them perform live on their "on the run" tour. - update: saw on the run 2, had tears streaming down my face as soon as they came on stage.

Cake is my favorite food and I would eat it for every meal if my body wouldn't go into diabetic shock.

Tomahawk - Tom is a husky and he has an insane personality.

Tomahawk - Tom is a husky and he has an insane personality.


The below blogs and magazines have published my work.


The below brands have used my photography for their social media, blogs, and advertising.


For weddings, portraits, and fashion, I have done quite a bit of traveling, and would love to do more.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Asheville, North Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Tampa, Florida

Richmond, Virginia

Savannah, Georgia

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Joshua Tree National Park, California

New Orleans, Louisiana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Denver, Colorado

Los Angeles, California

Seattle, Washington

Brooklyn, New York

Atlanta, Georgia

Chicago, Illinois

Red Stone, Colorado

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Austin, Texas

Cincinnati, Ohio




If you wanna know, you can follow along on instagram and see more from behind the scenes, current travels, and my personal life.