Aleen & Levi's Wedding

When I think of Aleen & Levi, one word rings out clear in my mind: genuine. They are just genuine people who embrace who they are and show their emotions freely. Though they live in Seattle, they decided to be wed in Redstone, Colorado, an enchanting tiny town in the Rocky Mountains a little ways from where Levi grew up. Their closest family and friends all made the journey to Redstone to celebrate their union. They really made their wedding their own, including traditions from their families' cultures while also incorporating new and meaningful customs into their day. While they were planning their wedding Levi decided he wanted to have a falcon deliver Aleen's wedding ring, and although Aleen thought he was joking, you'll see he managed to pull off the idea in his own unique way. I loved so much about this wedding: how personal it was, how much fun Aleen had dancing, the horses in the field around the ceremony site, but what I loved most was how much love just overflowed between the bride and groom. You can see it in every photo, how joyful their love is. I felt so honored to capture this wedding.

*Big thanks to my side shooter and great friend Maddie Lochte who came all the way from San Diego to help me shoot this wedding. She is awesome.