Kristen & Nicholas

Kristen & Nich's wedding was incredible. Everything was styled perfectly; one of Kristen's bridesmaids did the entire invitation suite and made their beautiful paper decoration installation by hand (what a friend!). The venue was amazing; it was a lovely property just outside of Austin, TX that had a gorgeous greenhouse on location. There was a live band, there were flowers everywhere (wild flowers, flower petals in the pool, flowers thrown on the bride and groom) family style dinner, Texas two-steppin lessons, and the bride wore a custom wedding dress that fit her like a glove. Detail after detail was just perfect. To top it all off the bride and groom were just wonderful humans who were relaxed and joyful the entire day. When a huge summer storm rolled through and let out such a downpour that the dance floor flooded (literally flooded, the band had to move all their equipment), they just smiled and laughed. It was an honor to capture their day. I know these two will continue to do great things together. Yay for the Norwoods!