Courtney & Sean's Elopement

This was a really special wedding to witness, and it was quite the journey. Courtney & Sean decided to forego the great big wedding throw down for a quiet, intimate elopement in Switzerland. I met them in Bern, a city supposedly named after the first animal its founder met on the hunt, a bear (spoiled alert I did get a photo of a bear while there.) They had their ceremony in a beautiful rose garden with just a few of their dearest family and friends. I can honestly say it was the most emotional ceremony I've ever seen. So many tears were shed, so many laughs were shared, so many champagne bottles were opened; it was a beautiful sight. I think the intimacy of their small wedding allowed it to be more emotional - they were present with each other and each of their guests and they could express their love exactly as they felt it. Afterwards they had dinner at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the city. The next day we strolled the old streets and wandered from chapels to riversides. We then hopped a train and went out towards Interlaken to explore a waterfall. Courtney & Sean are amazing people and their wedding was a dream. Of course it was fun to explore a new country, but the thing I will remember most about their elopement was the overflow of love they showed every step of the way. I feel so honored to have been a part of it.