Jaimie & Michael

I've heard some photographers only shoot couples that are already married. And after this session, I sort of get it. (Don't worry future brides, I'm still shooting weddings, just hear me out.) Jaimie & Michael have been married a few years now, and I'm lucky enough to call them friends. So when they asked me to shoot some family photos of them I was like, um, duh. They gave me complete control in picking locations, and I was thrilled. We hopped around the neighborhood that we both live in. I love finding little gems in the places I live, buildings that would normally be overlooked. We shot in an assortment of spots (some that may have been private property, as we found out) and it was so fun. Plus their pup, Rascal, is pretty dang cute. But going back through the photos it was the way they were together that stood out most to me. How easy it was for Jaimie to melt into Michael's arms, how he seemed like a refuge she could lean into, like they were home to one another. That's what I love most about the photos we made together.