Kristen & B's Wedding

This wedding was so very special to me. Not simply because the bride had such a beautiful dress (though she did, and she looked stunning in it). Not because it was a crisp fall day with every color of leaf you could imagine in attendance (and even colors you could not imagine, like deep purples and crimsons). Not because the whole wedding party treated me like an old friend (I was offered a lot of drinks throughout the day). And not even because every single detail was perfectly planned and thought through by the bride (which it all was, I mean perfect.) All those things were true and made the day wonderful. But in the end, as it ever should be, it was about the bride and the groom and their love. I've never teared up so many times at a wedding. I could write a lot about their love and joy together, but I think the photos speak for themselves. So I'll just say this: Kristen and B, it was, and forever will be, an absolute honor to have been a part of your beautiful wedding day. Thank you.