Maggie & Logan's Wedding

Maggie & Logan's wedding was really something special. They let me in on a lot of their story, which made it possible for me to tell it more thoroughly. Years ago Maggie's mother and father bought some land in the upstate area of South Carolina. Maggie's father built his wife's dream house on that property. Unfortunately Maggie's family lost her mother to cancer after the house was finished. They planted some trees in a field on the property in honor of her memory. Years later, when Maggie & Logan had to choose a place to be wed, the answer was obvious. Maggie got ready with her best friends in the house her father built himself. She married Logan out in the field among the trees they planted for her mother. And beyond that heartbreakingly beautiful story, Maggie & Logan are just incredible together. When I thought I was done doing portraits Logan said, "Do you mind if I play a song and Maggie and I have a moment alone to dance together?" As I walked my way through the woods I could hear the words of a Penny & Sparrow song drifting softly through the trees, echoing in a hauntingly beautiful refrain:

"Because I've seen you
and I know you
and I'm not going anywhere."

What a perfect picture of marriage. I hope you can see the way these two radiate love in these photos. I think it will stick with me for a very long time.