Roxy & Will's Wedding Portraits

Roxy and Will are so fun to shoot. Not because they have cool tattoos or rad style (which they do), and not because they totally trusted my vision and let me drive them to the middle of nowhere to explore (which they also did). They are fun to shoot because they are 100% themselves. They aren't your average bride and groom, and they know it. And I love that about them. It's simple, but it might be the most vital part of the wedding photography process: just do you. We took these photos one week after their intimate wedding with family and friends. The three of us drove an hour into the backroads of Carolina and explored abandoned buildings. The bride wore a crop top. What a beautiful sentence. Read that one more time for fun. She made her bouquet from comic strips and a toy light saber handle. They both wore chuck taylors. We even stopped to eat sonic during the shoot. Had the girl on skates hand us our fries and everything. And when I delivered the photos, Will said "Thank you for keeping The Cup in a few of these photos. You know how much that Sonic cup meant to me."

The lesson to be learned here: if you want wedding photos to reflect who you are, you must be yourself. You, your beautiful flawed hilarious non-traditional creative sarcastic amazing self. If you do you, then I get to capture you, in all your glory.