Kendall & Zach's Engagement Session

Kendall & Zach just get it. They both live in Kansas, but they were planning to have their wedding in South Carolina (where I live), so when it came time to discuss engagement photos, we had to decide who was going to travel to where. But then I had an idea. Maybe we both travel. Maybe we go somewhere a little more wild. We decided to meet up in Colorado so that we could explore Rocky Mountain National Park together. Because Kendall & Zach just get it. They know it's about adventure. They know it's about the person you love most in the whole world. So we went from snowy lakes, to grassy valleys, to sheer cliff sides up among the mountain peaks. We even ran into a herd of wild elk! It was incredible, and Kendall & Zach embraced every twist and turn of our adventure. They just get it.