Maggie & Logan's Engagement Session

The night before we were going to drive up to Roan Mountain I checked the weather report one last time: it showed a 90% chance of storms. I texted Maggie and asked her if she and Logan would rather reschedule, but she replied pretty quickly and said "we are for the rain." So the three of us packed in a car and drove up to the mountains. Conversation with these two was so easy and refreshing. We hopped around Asheville, book stores and thrift shops alike, then headed up to the hills of Roan Mountain. By the time we got to the mountains we were all stunned into silence.  The fog was so thick you could barely see 10 feet in front of you, and the wind was whipping the mist so fast you could actually see a gust of wind blow a curtain of fog off the whole side of the mountain right before your eyes. It was truly one of the wildest sights I've ever seen. I am so grateful that Maggie & Logan were willing to adventure through the storm, because if they hadn't none of us would have experienced such an amazing day. It's a true testament to their relationship - they are not scared of the storms, of the dark, of the fog so thick you can barely see your own hands reaching through the mist. They are in it to win it, and their hearts for each other and for marriage really encourages my heart towards all things good. Thank you, Maggie & Logan, for letting me create with you. Can't wait to see you married.