Audrey & Josh's Wedding

I think people use the words kind and sweet too often. Those words have become sort of cliche to me, and I usually feel like anyone using them to describe a person just couldn't think of anything else to say. But believe me when I say this: there may be no two people I've ever met who truly sincerely are best described by the words kind and sweet. Audrey and Josh bring those words to life. They are kindness, and they carry an aroma of sweetness everywhere they go. When I asked Josh what he loves most about Audrey he said: "I most love that Audrey is a wise woman of peace. Just seeing her and being in her presence brings me tremendous peace. In times of anxiety or chaos, Audrey seems to know exactly what to say and how." As you look through these photos you can see that peace that Josh speaks of just radiating from Audrey, and you can see the way Josh admires her. Theirs is a love that will make a great mark on their community.

And speaking of their community,  some of the faces in this wedding may look familiar to you if you follow my work. I have been lucky enough to photograph multiple weddings of the same friend group in Cincinnati, Ohio. This wedding happened just a few weeks after I shot Hannah & Andy's wedding at the same beautiful church (in which both couples are deeply involved) and Katie & Chad's engagement photos. Last July I shot Julia & Jake's wedding. You'll see a lot of the same dancing fools and beautiful bridesmaids if you scroll through those posts. I mention this because I feel so honored to have been a part of all these weddings. Whenever I arrive for the day it feels like I'm being welcomed back into my own group of friends. They check in on me during the day, ask if I'm okay, ask about my dog, they even invite my husband to their weddings. And if you look through these photos you'll see what good people and real love looks like. I don't know how I got so lucky to work with people like this, to feel welcomed into something that is not mine, but I feel so immensely grateful for it. So, thanks Cincinnati friends. I like you a lot. Keep doin what you're doin.