Lindsey & Taylor's Wedding

As a wedding photographer, you feel really lucky when you get to work with cool beautiful brides who are really smart and really relaxed like Lindsey. But I feel even more exceptionally lucky because not only do I get to work with Lindsey, but I also have the privilege of calling her a friend. She's a warrior of a woman and somehow also a gentle and calming presence. Her groom is awesome too. Taylor is hilarious in the most surprising ways, but he also has an intense faithfulness that I truly admire, and I have such a respect for the way he loves Lindsey. I could go on and on about these two, but you'll see all this and more in the photos. Their wedding day was at a beautiful venue in Georgia called Sweet Meadow Farm. Their day was full of emotion and the night was one wild party (complete with people being thrown in the air and pants ripping and lots of good dance moves). Lindsey & Taylor, I'm so glad you're married and so excited to see what an impact you'll make on this world as a team.